Leading my first machine learning meetup: An awesome milestone in my professional development

I recently had the incredible opportunity of leading my first machine learning meetup! The experience was both challenging and rewarding, paving the way for future growth in my career. Here are some key insights and takeaways from my first foray into the world of technical public speaking. Continue reading

Exploring foundation models symposium: Research insights & wonderful conversations

Foundation models are a new class of powerful AI systems which are having an unparalleled impact on both machine learning research and industrial applications. I recently attended the Exploring foundation models symposium hosted by The Alan Turing Institute. This event brought together prominent academics and practitioners to explore the promises, limitations and future directions of this rapidly developing technology. Continue reading

How I made an epic poetry anthology using ChatGPT

It’s finally here! I recently published my poetry book Poetic Genesis: An Anthology of 52 AI Crafted Poems on Amazon. Generating all the poems took approximately two days. It was the ideation, curation and publication stages that actually took much longer. However, apart from the human time and energy cost, I’m glad to say $0 was spent to make this anthology. So how did I do it? Read on to find out how I made a poetry anthology using ChatGPT! Continue reading