I am following the curriculum below for my machine learning scholar adventure. It’s a work in progress and the syllabus will be updated to reflect progress on the the path I am taking. The title of each resource links to the place where you can find it if you’d like to explore it as part of your machine learning journey.


Learning how to learn

Superb course which introduces you to metalearning i.e. how to learn more effectively.


Excellent course which helps you unlearn unhelpful beliefs/mindsets so that you can unleash the potential of your learning capability.

Learn like a pro

Excellent primer providing actionable intel from cutting-edge neuroscience and useful tools to help you maximise learning.


A comprehensive guide to design an intensive learning project from start to finish.

Machine learning

Kaggle learn


  • Neural networks – Intuitive series describing the mechanics of how neural networks work. ✅

Fundamentals of machine learning

A basic tutorial which gives a high level overview of machine learning.

Make your own neural network

A gentle introduction which teaches you how to make your own neural network from the ground up using python and numpy.

Make your first GAN with Pytorch

Fantastic introduction to how generative adversarial networks work. You get to learn Pytorch basics simultaneously when making your GANs. For more info, see my review.

Deep learning for coders with fastai and Pytorch: AI applications without a PhD

Understand deep learning using a top-down approach which encourages holisitic understanding of concepts and rapid experimentation. You can access the accompanying online course for free.


Probability and statistics: To p or not to p?

Build an intuitive understanding of probabilistic thinking.

Linear algebra: Foundations to frontiers

Gain a foundation in linear algebra through interactive exercises.


Introduction to computer science and programming using python

Fantastic course covering the fundamentals of programming in python.

Using python for research

An introduction to using python for scientific programming.

Sentdex: Intermediate python programming

Progress beyond basic python to intermediate level concepts.

Codex projects

Helpful tutorials to help you create simple applications using python.

Software engineering

Shell workshop

A great primer on using the command line to make development much smoother.

Version control with Git

Teaches how to use git to track changes in your projects effectively and how to use github to collaborate with others.

Cloud computing basics

A great intro to cloud technology which explores the basics of various infrastructure configurations from private to hybrid to public clouds. Also touches upon docker use for stable environments and kubernetes for deployment sclaing and automation.

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